This product design case study focuses on Airtimeflip, a platform for buying and selling airtime across different countries. The purpose of the project was to design the homepages, user dashboard, and admin dashboards for the platform. The design challenge was to create a user-friendly interface that would make it easy for users to buy and sell airtime quickly and efficiently.


Airtimeflip’s target audience is primarily individuals and businesses who need to buy and sell airtime regularly. These users require a platform that is easy to navigate, secure, and efficient. Market trends indicate a growing demand for seamless cross-border transactions, and Airtimeflip aims to meet this need by providing a platform that enables the buying and selling of airtime across different countries.

Design Process

The design process for Airtimeflip started with research into the needs and preferences of the target audience. I conducted surveys and user testing to gather information about what users were looking for in a platform like Airtimeflip. This research informed our ideation process, where I brainstormed and developed several design concepts.

After ideation, I created wireframes and prototypes to test and refine our concepts. I conducted user testing at each stage to gather feedback and make necessary design iterations. Throughout the design process, I focused on creating a simple, intuitive interface that would make it easy for users to buy and sell airtime. 

Design Solution

The final design solution for Airtimeflip includes a clean and modern homepage that showcases the platform’s features and benefits. The user dashboard provides users with a clear overview of their transactions and enables them to easily buy and sell airtime. The admin dashboard is designed to be efficient and user-friendly, allowing administrators to manage the platform and monitor transactions.

In creating the design solution, I made several key design decisions, including the use of clear and concise language, large buttons for easy navigation, and a clean and simple layout. These decisions were made to enhance the user experience and ensure that the platform was easy to use.

Home screens
Purchase screens

User Feedback

During the design process, I conducted several rounds of user testing to gather feedback on the platform’s design and functionality. User feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with users praising the platform’s ease of use and user-friendly interface. This feedback was incorporated into the final design solution, further improving the user experience.

Settings screens


The launch of Airtimeflip has had a significant impact on the market, offering users a platform that enables seamless cross-border transactions. The platform has received positive feedback from users, who appreciate its user-friendly interface and efficient functionality. By addressing the design challenge and meeting the needs of the target audience, Airtimeflip has established itself as a leader in the industry.

Landing page screens


The Airtimeflip product design project was a success, resulting in a platform that is user-friendly, efficient, and secure. Our team’s focus on user-centered design and thorough testing and iteration helped to create a solution that meets the needs of the target audience. This project has provided valuable insights into the design process and has reinforced the importance of user research and testing in the development of successful products.

Pin screens
Sign up screens