About Client

Tasty, healthy meal delivery in Switzerland, delivered directly to your doorstep. Powermeals is a world-class food prep & delivery service.

My role included:
  1. Project onboarding: research, client meetings, briefs from the team, and kick-off meetings.
  2. Collecting, evaluating, and applying usability insights.
  3. Delivering innovative end-to-end user experiences
  4. Reviewing and testing the final product to ensure it matches my original design.
  5. Working to deliver designs within the allocated time and budget
  6. Gaining client buy-in to ideas through effective presentations.


The product design project for was focused on delivering a world-class food prep and delivery service to people in Switzerland. The purpose of this project was to create a user-friendly and convenient platform for people who value healthy, delicious meals, but do not have the time or resources to prepare them themselves. The design challenge was to create an end-to-end user experience that would meet the needs of the target audience and stand out in a competitive market.


The target audience for are individuals and families in Switzerland who prioritize healthy eating and convenience. Market trends and industry insights showed that there was a growing demand for healthy meal delivery services, especially among busy professionals and busy families. The design team aimed to create a platform that would appeal to these customers and provide a seamless, enjoyable experience.

Design Process

The design process for began with research, including client meetings and team briefings, to gain a deeper understanding of the target audience and their needs. I and the team evaluated usability insights and used this information to inform the ideation process. I generated and evaluated a range of design concepts, eventually settling on the most promising solution.

Prototyping and testing were crucial elements of the design process. I and the team created wireframes, sketches, and prototypes of the platform, using these to test and refine the design. Several iterations were made based on user feedback and further research, until I arrived at a final design solution that met our original goals.

Design Solution

The final product design for features a clean, modern interface that is easy to navigate and use. The platform offers a variety of healthy meal options, all of which can be delivered directly to the customer’s doorstep. The design decisions were based on our understanding of the target audience and their needs, as well as the results of our research and testing.

Mobile screens

User Feedback

User feedback was an important part of the design process for Through testing and customer feedback, I and the team were able to refine the design and ensure that it met the needs of the target audience. User feedback also helped us to identify any areas for improvement, which I incorporated into the final design solution.


The impact of has been significant for the target audience in Switzerland. The platform offers a convenient and enjoyable way for people to access healthy, delicious meals, without the hassle of preparation or cooking. This has helped to meet the growing demand for healthy meal delivery services, and has set apart from its competitors.

Final designs


The product design project for was a success, delivering a user-friendly platform that meets the needs of the target audience and stands out in a competitive market. Through a thorough design process, I and the team were able to create a solution that has had a positive impact on the target audience and the market. This project has provided valuable lessons for future design projects, and I am proud of the work that was accomplished.