About Client

Vorem is a blockchain ed-tech company. Vorem is Africa’s premiere educational technology platform for all things Innovation, blockchain and web3 skill development.

My role included:
  1. Creating a cohesive look & feel for their flagship product, ‘Vorem Academy’.
  2. Preparing detailed style guides with a strong focus on responsiveness due to the nature of design elements.
  3. Guiding the R&D team in UI implementation and performing a visual review of the results.
  4. Translating business strategy, user research insights, and stakeholders’ requests into UX vision and UI designs.
  5. Planning and conducting user research tests, surveys, and interviews with a remote user base
Booking & Billing desktop screens
Booking & Billing mobile screens
Course library desktop screens
Course library mobile screens
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Individual course mobile screens
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Learning tracker mobile screens
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Setting mobile screens
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Signup mobile screens
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