Yellow pages for the Seychelles island


What does this product do?

Discovering Seychelles: Your local business and service guide at your fingertips

Seysearch is like your local guidebook but in a digital form. It helps you find all sorts of businesses and services in Seychelles, from restaurants to repair shops. Whether you’re a tourist looking for the best spots or a local seeking specific services, Seysearch makes it easy to explore and discover what’s around you.

The challenge

Navigating Seychelles' local businesses is a challenge; Seysearch simplifies the proces

In Seychelles, finding local businesses or services can be a hassle. You might not know where to look, and the information you find might not always be accurate or up-to-date. This can make it difficult to connect with the right businesses or get the services you need when you need them.

Roles & responsibilities

Collaborative efforts + my role in research, design, and testing

In the Seysearch project, my role encompassed designing both the mobile and web platforms over a collaborative period of three months. This involved conducting extensive user research and product testing to understand customer needs, mapping customer journeys to identify pain points and opportunities, and fostering growth in our B2B partnerships. Additionally, I collaborated closely with cross-functional teams to ensure exceptional user experiences and leveraged my UI skills to produce wireframes, product concepts, and high-fidelity prototypes.

User flow

Locating local businesses

How do we make it easier to find products and services around?

On the user side of the Seysearch platform, the flow revolves around simplicity and efficiency. Users can easily search for businesses, services, and experiences in Seychelles, thanks to intuitive design and seamless navigation. Whether they’re looking for a local restaurant, a fitness trainer, or a wellness center, Seysearch provides comprehensive listings with detailed information to meet their needs. The platform also allows users to request services directly, making it convenient to connect with local businesses. With a focus on user experience, Seysearch ensures that users can effortlessly explore and engage with the vibrant offerings of Seychelles.

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Business flow

Connecting with customers

How do we make it easier to find people interested in a business’ products and services?

On the business owner’s side of the flow, our focus is on providing intuitive tools and resources to effectively manage their listings and engage with potential customers. This includes features such as easy-to-use dashboards for updating business information, responding to customer inquiries, and monitoring performance metrics. We aim to streamline the process of showcasing their products or services, maximizing visibility within the local market. By empowering business owners with robust tools and insights, we enable them to optimize their online presence and grow their customer base effectively.

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Next steps

Testing with beta users

This project is currently in the beta phase, meaning we’re testing it out to make sure it works well before releasing it to everyone. Throughout this process, we’ve learned a lot about what users need and how to make our platform better for them. We’ve also discovered the importance of collaboration and flexibility in adapting to user feedback. As we continue to refine and improve our product, we’re excited to see how it positively impacts the Seychelles community.


What's the impact?

Well, I’m also curious about that. Check back in 2 months for qualitative and quantitative impact metrics.